Linnaeus University

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  • Typography I: Identification and classification of type fonts.
  • InDesign Basics: Manage frames, color, text, and images.
  • About type fonts: More about images and text in InDesign.
  • Reading and visual communication: Basic typing, InDesign paragraph format, reading and visual communication.
  • InDesign: Header variations, paragraph format and color, as well as marks and character styles.
  • Manage rows, words and paragraphs: Manage rows (punctuations, orphans), visual principles.
  • Alignment: Fixed spaces and numbers, lines, lists, and layouts as well as advanced typography.
  • Lists and settings: Advanced fixed spaces and numbers as well as advanced lists and settings (word and character-based indents).
  • Page templates in InDesign
  • Table of contents
  • Magazine front page: Magazine front page layout.
  • Layout: Review of layout principles.
  • Color management and document creation: Color management, links and files, image size and resolution.
  • Project: Production of a complete printed matter that contains the course's entire content.