Blekinge Institute of Technology

”Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH, is one of the most distinctly profiled universities in Sweden, where applied IT and innovation for sustainable growth are in focus. Source: About Blekinge Institute of Technology

Databases, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP (30 ECTS)

  • Javascript: Fundamentals in construction, programming and debugging.
  • jQuery: A JavaScript based library with cut-and-paste modules.
  • AJAX: AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) requests with jQuery and JSON object (JavaScript Object Notation). Language server-side is PHP.
  • JavaScript and HTML5 API’s such as forms, canvas, multimedia, websockets, audio and video.
  • Javascript and the Document Object Model (DOM) with HTML and CSS.
  • Development of web applications with JavaScript-based techniques.
  • Advanced object oriented programming in PHP, with design patterns.
  • General programming in PHP based framework, and in particular MVC-based framework (Model View Controller). Fundamentals and use of existing frameworks.
  • Development of PHP-based and MVC-inspired framework from scratch, in which various web technologies interact. Techniques involved are primarily HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL.
  • Development of a database-driven web application by instantiating the developed framework.
  • Web Development in Unix environment with versioning tools like git and github.
  • PHP programming in web environment including syntax, semantics, connecting to databases, function-oriented programming, data structures, algorithms and built-in functions.
  • Object Oriented PHP programming language constructions and concepts. Object orientation as a way to structure and reuse code.
  • SQL and MySQL database with PHP Data Objects (PDO). Database modeling with ER-modeling (Entity Relationship).
  • SVG graphics and images: Creation of Scalable Vector Graphics and integration in web applications.
  • Development of web applications with integration of technologies such as web server (Apache), PHP, HTML, CSS, and SQL.
  • Use of tools and techniques suitable for the development of Web applications, such as UNIX / Linux installation on external Web server, ssh, ftp / sftp, database clients such as phpMyAdmin and MySQL Workbench.
  • HTML and HTML5: Elements, how to construct and use them. Tools for validation.
  • CSS and CSS3: Use and handling of validation tools.
  • PHP: Script based PHP programming to separate the structure of files, functions and to manage forms and storage in the database.
  • SQL: SQL and file-based relational database SQLite with PHP Data Objects.
  • Structured development of web applications where the view of structure and order affects how to develop the web application.
  • Use of tools and techniques suitable for the development of Web applications, such as local web server for development and testing, UNIX / Linux installation on external web server for operation, ssh, ftp / sftp.